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partners 💡

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
The Program Partners provide strategic services for your development. #ProudToBeHumanOfImpact



partners 💡

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
The Program Partners provide strategic services for your development. #ProudToBeHumanOfImpact

Ant Comunicaciones

Experts in Communications

Strategic communications service for startups. They help companies spread their message and purpose mainly through media and press, generating engaging content that adds value. They disseminate corporate, business, fundraising, board, internationalization, or other related issues to their companies, allowing them to position themselves in the minds of investors and important industry players.


Cloud computing chain

Provides market-leading cloud computing platforms, offering innovative storage and infrastructure solutions to drive business success.


Creating value through business

EY exists to build a better business world, helping to create long-term value for clients, people, and society, and to build trust in capital markets.

Using data and technology, EY's diverse teams in over 150 countries provide assurance through security and help clients grow, transform, and operate.


Connecting work teams and creating their own management systems

Project management and note-taking software. It is designed to help members of a company or organization coordinate deadlines, goals, and tasks in areas of efficiency and productivity.

Morris & Opazo

Leader in Big Data and Analytics

Unlocking the power of data to drive innovation and business growth in astonishing ways.

Cambridge Innovation Center

Coworking chain

A globally recognized soft landing company to assist in the internationalization of startups.


Platform and essential services for investors

They evaluate investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and provide information to maximize financial success.

Founder Suite

Better way to raise capital. makes software and a database for raising capital. Foundersuite has been used by startups worldwide to raise over $10 Billion in seed and VC and includes all the features you need to succed


Experts in OKRs

They offer a platform to implement them effectively and efficiently, driving business growth.


Impact catalysts

They guide companies towards success, driving innovation and leadership, while also supporting promising startups with their new investment fund 'Luchante Fund'.

Emprende tu mente

Connecting entrepreneurs with unlikely peers from the corporate world

We articulate the E+I ecosystem to connect it with the corporate world, conducting networking with key entrepreneurs in Chile.


Knowledge of fundraising for startups in LATAM

Startuplinks is a web platform and community that helps pre-seed and seed startups in LATAM understand Venture Capital.

Knowledge about VC and fundraising, list of reliable legal providers for startups in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile, directory of investors, and much more!

Cuantico VC

We drive the digital future of North Latin America.

They support and promote startups from LATAM that are transforming the way we live, work, and communicate.


A new dimension in legal work

Legal and strategic consulting services in incentive model design, regional scaling, and structures, among others.

Tres Vectores

Enhance your Impactful Storytelling

A design company for the New Economies, which creates and applies Design Thinking methodologies for co-creating solutions aimed at addressing socio-environmental problems, through new impact business models that help scale well-being.

They empower companies and ventures to design their own impact business models through agile methodologies and pattern-based learning.

CFO Startups

From pre-seed to exit: the ally you need to scale your startup.

We are an international professional services company specialized in startups and technology companies. We accompany the accelerated growth of founders, ensuring compliance with all their legal, tax, and accounting commitments in each country where they operate at every stage.


Financial, tax, and legal solutions to help you achieve your next investment round.

Lazo is a platform for founders, where they can address all their accounting, tax, legal, and fundraising needs in one place, ensuring that startups are always investment-ready.

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