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Open yourself to a world

of opportunities

Internationalizing will allow you to accelerate your growth.
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Open yourself to a world

of opportunities

Internationalizing will allow you to accelerate your growth.
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Startups are born to solve problems with technology, and the great advantage of this is that these solutions can be scaled globally, helping millions of people simultaneously.

It's a way to create companies like we've never seen before. In this sense, internationalization for a Startup is crucial for its long-term success.


  • Gives access to new markets.
  • Facilitates accelerated growth.
  • Opens up greater potential for investment.
  • Provides access to talent and resources.
  • Global vision and understanding of competition.
  • Learning and continuous improvement.
  • Brand image and credibility.
  • Networking and access to international business networks.

¿Why MIAMI ?

Miami is the new Silicon Valley of Entrepreneurship

Miami has become a dynamic destination for international companies looking to leverage a thriving technological ecosystem and a vibrant business community.

With organizations like eMerge Americas leading efforts to foster innovation and collaboration, Miami's tech scene has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. The city boasts a diverse talent pool, facilitated by investments from entities like the Knight Foundation, which promote the development of tech education programs in higher education institutions, and accelerators like Techstars, Endeavor, among others.

Miami's strategic location as a gateway to Latin America and North America, its favorable business environment, and lower living costs compared to traditional tech hubs make it an attractive proposition for international companies looking to expand their presence. With major players like Google, Meta, and Uber, as well as significant venture capital firms already establishing a presence in Miami, the city is increasingly being dubbed as the "Silicon Valley of the East".

Beyond business, Miami's tropical climate, stunning beaches, and vibrant cultural scene contribute to a high quality of life, attracting both talent and investments.

Welcome to Miami🌴

Expected Outcomes

As part of the Soft Landing program, startup founders undergo a transformative business experience that provides them with the tools and connections to navigate their entry into the U.S. market.

Founders will gain insight into the current state of fundraising in the region, connect with clients, partners, and potential investors, receive expert guidance from mentors, and engage with a group of ambitious entrepreneurs who are experiencing similar struggles.

Founders leave the program with the ability to conquer the U.S. market and with a newly established network of supporters.

• Important: Founders must dedicate enough time and mental space to actively participate in virtual masterclasses and mentoring sessions and come prepared to make the most of their time in Miami.

Real Testimonials

Johanan Dujon

CEO & Founder
Algas Organics

“The program covers all critical components for a successful US expansion, which really fast tracked our transition. In a crowd of big players in the US, my business now stands out. Being part of the extensive CIC network is also a major asset".

Oscar Herrera

CEO & Founder
Simplo Chile

“The program connected me to the partners I needed for a successful entry to the US. It was packed with invaluable insights, After the pitch training I was able to secure my first round of investment".

Susana Sierra

“The program was a game-changer for me. It wasn’t just theoretical knowledge, I gained a practical understanding of where the market is headed. The professors were real professionals who have hands-on experience and truly understand how the market works. I highly recommend this program to any entrepreneur looking to gain practical knowledge and grow their business".

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